Balkan camper

Fly High, Drive Far – Balkan style

Exciting news! Flying Bear is teaming up with Balkan Campers, the retro camper van rental company. If you are planning an epic adventure across Soča Valley, the Balkans or anywhere else in Europe, rolling around in one of these bad boys is the way to go! 

With 25 funky vans to choose from, you can explore stunning landscapes and hidden gems at your own pace. Different pick-up/drop-off locations spread around Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Austria and Italy can make planning your trip easier. You can also choose among many extras that you can rent with your van, like Retro bikes, child seat or BBQ.

As a Flying Bear client, you’ll enjoy an exclusive discount when renting a camper van from Balkan Campers. 

Buckle up and let Flying Bear and Balkan Campers take you on an amazing adventure where the sky and the road become your playground.


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