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Tandem paragliding equipment – safety and fun!

Tandem paragliding is a thrilling adventure activity that is popular among locals and tourists in Bovec, Soča Valley. This exhilarating experience involves soaring through the air with a professional paraglider pilot, taking in breathtaking views of the Julian Alps and the emerald Soča River from a unique perspective. To ensure a safe and enjoyable tandem paragliding experience, it is important to have the right gear.

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Tandem paragliding gear comprises various components, each designed to provide maximum safety and comfort during the flight. The most crucial piece of equipment is the paraglider itself. Tandem paragliders are specially designed for two people and are typically larger and more robust than single-person paragliders. They are constructed with strong materials and reinforced stitching to accommodate the added weight and stress of two people.

The paraglider is made up of a canopy, lines and risers. The canopy is the wing-shaped fabric that catches the wind and provides lift. The lines are made of sturdy, durable material and connect the canopy to the risers, which are the straps that attach the harness to the paraglider. Modern commercial wings have excellent flying performances to ensure that we can use up all the thermic wind for long flying, but even more importantly they are extremely safe – takeoffs and landings are easily manageable and they are stable during flight.

The harness is the seat that the pilot and passenger sit in during the flight (one harness for the pilot and one for the passenger). It is designed to distribute weight evenly and provide maximum comfort during the flight. The harness is like a couch with an amazing view. For me it really is the most comfortable seat in the world.

In addition to the paraglider and harness, other crucial components of tandem paragliding gear include the reserve parachute, the helmet, and the radio and appropriate clothing. The reserve parachute is a backup parachute that is carried in case of an emergency. It is designed to be easy to deploy quickly and can save lives in the event of a malfunction or other unexpected situation. The helmet is essential for protecting the head and neck during takeoff, landing, and in case of any turbulence during the flight. The radio allows the pilot and passenger to communicate during the flight, which is especially important for providing instructions and safety information when needed.

If you decide to do tandem paragliding you should dress weather appropriate – like you would for a light stroll through the streets of Bovec. If it is necessary, your pilot will give you an extra layer for wind and cold. It is important that you bring good shoes! With modern glider the launch is easy, meaning that you should do somewhere between 5 and 30 steps before you are airborne, but these few steps need to be done with confidence. If you slip or stumble, the launch need to be aborted and repeated. So if you can, wear good hiking shoes or at least sport shoes with quality soles.

When selecting tandem paragliding gear, it is vital to choose equipment that is high-quality, well-maintained and meets safety standards. It is also essential to choose gear that is appropriate for the pilot and passenger’s weight and skill level. This will help ensure a safe and enjoyable tandem paragliding experience. One popular manufacturer of tandem paragliding gear is the Slovenian company, 777 Triple Seven.

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When booking a tandem paragliding flight it is important to choose a reputable and experienced tandem paragliding company. The company should have a good safety record, experienced pilots, and high-quality equipment. All of the above applies to Flying Bear tandem paragliding – you can check our customer’s reviews on Trip Advisor(CLICK) or Google Reviews(CLICK). If you want to make a reservation or ask us any further questions, you are always welcome to contact us via email or phone:, +38640702682.


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