Bovec paragliding


Bovec and the Soča river valley in Slovenia are well-known for their breathtaking landscapes, adventure activities, and outdoor sports. The region is situated in and around the Triglav National Park, which offers a wide range of activities that will make your heart race. Here are ten sports that you can do high up in the air above the Soča valley.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a popular sport in Bovec, and the Soča River Valley offers numerous climbing routes. The area has a variety of cliffs that provide a challenge for both novice and experienced climbers. Climbers can enjoy the beautiful scenery while scaling the cliffs, which range in height from 5m high boulders up to 300 meters and more!

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is an exciting activity where people jump from a high platform (usually a bridge) with an elastic cord attached to them. The adrenaline rush of jumping off a high platform and freefalling before bouncing back up is unmatched. The Soča River Valley has the highest bungee jumping bridge in Slovenia, the Solkan Bridge, which is 55 meters high.

BASE Jumping

BASE jumping is an extreme sport where thrill-seekers jump from a building, bridge, or cliff and freefall for a few seconds before opening a parachute. Bovec and the Soča River Valley have several cliffs and mountains that are suitable for BASE jumping, but it is a highly dangerous sport and requires experience and proper training.

Cliff Diving

Cliff divers jump from natural cliffs and land into the water below. Usually done at the seaside where you must calculate the right time when to jump since you need the wave to cushion your fall. There are some spots on Soča river to do this, but the best places can be found inside the canyons.


Canyoning is a sport that involves exploring canyons by walking, climbing, jumping, and swimming. The sport takes place in natural canyons with waterfalls, pools, and rock formations. Bovec and the Soča River Valley offer some of the best canyoning experiences in Europe, with numerous canyons and waterfalls to explore.


Skydiving is an exhilarating sport that involves jumping from an airplane at a high altitude and freefalling before opening your parachute. The Soča River Valley provides a stunning view of the Julian Alps and the Soča River from high up in the air. You can experience the thrill of freefalling with a licensed instructor or also do a skydiving course!


Paragliding is a sport that involves flying a paraglider, a lightweight schute with no engine, using wind currents and thermal updrafts to stay aloft. The Soča River Valley offers ideal conditions for paragliding, with its natural landscapes, favorable wind currents, and excellent takeoff points on Mangart mountain or Kobariški Stol.


Highlining is a sport that involves walking on a thin, nylon webbing stretched between two anchor points at a great height. The sport requires balance, strength, and mental focus. Bovec and the Soča River Valley have several spots that are suitable for highlining, but it is a highly dangerous sport and should only be attempted by experienced high liners.

Zip Lining

Zip lining is a sport that involves sliding down a cable suspended between two points while attached to a harness. The sport provides a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding landscape and is a great way to experience the thrill of flying. Bovec and the Soča River Valley have several zip lines that offer stunning views of the Julian Alps and the Soča River.


Last but not least is hiking. Bovec area has the largest amount of mountains higher than 2000m in Slovenia. Since Bovec lies at only 450m above sea level, the climbs around here are a serious feat! A special one worth mentioning is Kanin mountain which offers a view of the Alps in Italy and Austria and on top of that, also the view of the Adriatic sea! One of a kind actually.


Biking in Soča Valley is becoming more and more popular. The valley offers a picturesque backdrop for everyone willing to explore it on two wheels.  Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a novice seeking a thrilling outdoor experience, biking through our emerald valley won’t disappoint you. For the ones that desire to traverse through the valley’s diverse terrain effortlessly, e-bike tours are an even better option. Immerse yourself in the emerald hues of the Soča River as you pedal along its banks with the assistance of electric bicycles. While biking with ease allowed yourself to be captivated by the dramatic views of cascading waterfalls and towering mountains that dot the landscape.

Overall, Bovec and the Soča valley offer a wide range of adventure sports that involve heights and will make your heart skip a beat. The region is an ideal destination for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for an adrenaline rush as well as for those that just want to get high on nature.

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