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Planja Hike&Fly

Planja is the go-to Hike&Fly paragliding takeoff in Bovec, especially in the off-season when Kanin cable car is not operating and the road to Mangart saddle is closed due to winter conditions. The takeoff is a grassy field with a perfect incline, suitable for beginers. On thermal days it is easy to find lift and climb higher. In the fall and winter, you can make use of dynamic winds for some local soaring.

The mountains around Bovec are full of game trails, mulatieras and cart tracks, so there are many ways to reach the takeoff and you can choose different starting points for the hike. 
My favourite way to reach Planja from Bovec is not marked, so I am posting a GPS track on the map below. On the map you can see 3 pins: starting point in Bovec, end point on the takeoff, and a pin marked “crossroads”. Like I mentioned, you can use a lot of different trails to get to the crossroads, but from there to the top there is only one trail – the one that is marked on the map. It is possible to reach the crossroads point with a proper terrain vehicle.

Download .gpx file HERE

GPS: N 46°20’57.68’’ / E 13°31’10.85’’
AMSL: 1070 m
Dificulty: Easy/Medium (2 out of 5)
Access: Hiking only
Local club: JPD Kanin
WARNINGS: Flying and landing in the airport zone is strictly forbidden! More info HERE…

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