Paragliding High Kanin

Kanin: Alpine-Mediterranean fusion of natural wonders

Kanin mountain range is located on the west side of the Julian Alps and stands on the border between Italy and Slovenia. On the south-east side, the range rises from the Bovec basin and ends on the west at Resia.

With 2587 meters of altitude the Visoki Kanin is the highest peak of the Kanin range and it is surrounded by many impressive peaks, among which are Velika Baba, Prestreljenik, Lopa, Velika Črnelska špica, Čukla in Rombon.

Paragliding High Kanin

When the visibilit is good, High Kanin offeres amazing views od Soča Valley, Gulf of Trieste in Adriatic sea, Snežnik, Krn, Triglav and Slovenian, Austrian and Italian Alps.

Kanin is world-famous for its diverse cave environment. Speleological challenges that the terrain offers attract many local and foreign expeditions. Cave named Čehi 2 is a complex 1553 meters deep cave system and is the 10th deepest cave in the world (WW Museum in Kobarid).

Peter Skalar hut and a bivouac next to it is perfect for speleologist, hikers, skiers and others that need a shelter during their advantures.

Soča Valley and Kanin mountain range were stages of legendary first world war battles. You can find a lot of monuments and artefacts of the era while hiking across the field.

Kanin is well known for Kanin – Sella Nevea ski resort, which is located both on Slovenian and Italian soil. The ski resort connects Bovec valley with Sella Nevea valley. With the highest point of 2300 meters altitude, it is the highest Slovenian mountain resort.

Kanin is a paradise for freeride and cross-country skiers and snowboarders. Its unique location provides a lot of powder every year. But remember to always respect the mountains and conditions. You can always hire a local guide so you can fully and safely enjoy the terrain.

In the summer you can take advantage of the gondola and start your adventures at the top of the mountain. You can hike, climb, discover caves, bike, zip-line and off course – do tandem paragliding!

Paragliding pilots are drawn to Kanin because it represents a perfect starting point for cross country flights. The high altitude of the takeoff gives you better chances to make long flights even in inversive conditions. The big altitude difference between takeoff and landing is perfect for relaxing panoramic flights.