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Mangart (also Mangrt) is the fifth highest peak of Julian Alps and the fourth highest in peak of Slovenia. Its highest point lays on 2679 meters above sea level. Because of its mightiness, good strategic position and magnificent views Mangart has been known as one of the most recognizable peaks of Soča Valley and Julian Alps.

Paragliding Mangart

The road that leads to top of Mangart saddle is the highest road in Slovenia with the highest point of 2100 meters above sea level. The last part of the road was recently damaged by a landslide and is, because of that, closed off for all traffic. Today we can drive up to 1950 meters above sea level (right below the paragliding launch). The road was build in 1930s, when the general area was under Italian jurisdictions. The whole project of building the road (aslo in harsh winter conditions) was completed in mere 18 months.

Mangart and Mangart saddle are a magnet for paragliders, cyclists, mountaineers, climbers, skiers and other adventurers. To cycle up many cyclists nowadays also rent an electric bike as it is quite demanding to pedal all the way up to the Mangart saddle.

If you want to hike you can choose between two trails to reach the top of Mangart from the saddle – Slovenian and Italian route. Slovenian route is more technical and is therefore secured with cables on multiple locations. The Italian route is not as steep and is technically easier. Anybody wishing a bigger challenge can find routes of different technical difficulties from the valleys on Italian or Slovenian site of the mountain.

Paragliding flight from Mangart saddle is a truly unforgettable experience. We launch from an impressive altitude of 1990 meters, which enables us to get a magnificent panoramic flight and take a close look of valley of Loška Koritnica, Wall of Log (longest mountain wall of Slovenia) and many waterfalls that keeps us company all the way to the landing in Log pod Mangartom. If we are lucky and nature blesses us with thermals and good visibility we can see all the way to Triglav, Adriatic sea and Italian and Austrian Alps.

IMPORTANT: the landing in Log pod Mangartom is located in a very narrow alpine valley, located at the very end of the valley system starting in Nova Gorica. This means that we need to be very vigilant of strong valley winds that usually apear in the meadle of the day, when the thermic activity is the strongest. The conditions on the launch can be ideal, while the valley is dangeorus to fly in.

Mangart often gives us the opportunity to fly and soar in inverse conditions in the fall. In the spring there can be a lot of snow on the road so access by car is often difficult.

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