The Evolution of Paragliding in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country renowned for its stunning landscapes, diverse terrain, and a spirit deeply rooted in outdoor adventure. Among its many outdoor pursuits, paragliding stands out as a sport that not only

Fly High, Drive Far – Balkan style

Exciting news! Flying Bear is teaming up with Balkan Campers, the retro camper van rental company. If you are planning an epic adventure across Soča Valley, the Balkans or anywhere else in Europe,

Planja Hike&Fly

Planja is the go-to Hike&Fly paragliding takeoff in Bovec, especially in the off-season when Kanin cable car is not operating and the road to Mangart saddle is closed due to winter conditions. The


Mangart (also Mangrt) is the fifth highest peak of Julian Alps and the fourth highest in peak of Slovenia. Its highest point lays on 2679 meters above sea level. Because of its mightiness,